TV White Space Expertise

TV White Space (TVWS) refers to unused UHF spectrum, typically 470MHz-602MHz. The spectrum can only be utilized if a radio (base station or client station) queries a spectrum database to obtain available spectrum based on the radio geo-location. The UHF spectrum is ideal for rural broadband in Canada as these frequencies readily penetrate tree cover. For locations where line-of-sight technologies cannot make a connection, TVWS usually will work. This means that a truck roll based on a line-of-sight install may still be completed if there is an obstruction such as a tree. By utilizing these frequencies, especially in areas with heavy tree cover, the number of subscribers per tower can be increased, improving the ROI on the initial tower asset expenditure.

The spectrum database must be certified by the appropriate national regulatory authority. PHNX has a certified TVWS database for Canada and has submitted an application to FCC for certification in the USA.

Spectrum availability for Canada can be determined here

Spectrum availability for USA (trial) can be determined here

Not only does PHNX provide guaranteed access to spectrum as part of our turnkey services, our deep understanding of the radio technologies and deployment requirements for TVWS spectrum is unmatched.

We are the exclusive distributor in Canada for the TVWS LTE solution from WiFrost, which we provide bundled with database spectrum access, eliminating database token management for operators.