Pictou County Wireless Broadband Project

We are the project lead for the Wireless Broadband Project in the Municipality of Pictou County(MOPC), Nova Scotia.

Pictou County is the largest single TVWS network deployment in North American with over ~1,800 square km (~63% of Pictou County) of wireless coverage. Using 5GHz and TVWS radio technologies residences will be able to access the internet using the MOPC FirstHome service.

We designed the network by importing GiS, terrain and ground cover into our RF planning software to optimize the radio layout on new build towers or collocated on existing towers. We simulated the proposed fixed wireless network by determining the link budget for the different technologies on a civic address basis. This allowed MOPC to assess the economic viability of the proposed network.

If you are thinking of expanding your Fixed Wireless network PHNX can provide RF Network Design and Network Build Management services to ensure your deployment is successful

The Pictou wireless internet project consists of:

  • 7 co-location towers​ (Bell, Stingray, Nova Scotia TiR)
  • 5 new construction 30m composite monopoles (RS-Poles, one off-grid using solar plus propane back-up generator)
  • 3 new construction 30m Aluminum lattice towers (Remac)
  • 1 water tower​
  • 3 towers fibre fed
  • 12 licensed microwave links​, 1 unlicensed link (24GHz)
  • 56 TVWS base stations​, largest TVWS network in North America
  • 86 5GHz base stations
  • Covers ~ 12,300 residences over ~1,800 square km (~63% of Pictou County)
  • Construction partners: Turris, WesTower, Broadnet, Don Fisher Construction, Varcon, K-Line, RS-Poles, Remac, Amtek.

Construction Partners