Digital Transformation Rebirth

PHNX Technologies is a company that specializes in developing or transforming product and solutions to address Smart City and Digital Living for today’s shared economy. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) need agility and scalability with automation and limited human intervention to address the complexity of the next generation digital infrastructures. PHNX’s team of seasoned industry experts in Software-defined networking leverages the best practices and turns them upside down into tomorrow’s tools for broadband utilities addressing security, business development, efficiency and daily operations and maintenance without the need to support brownfield solutions and integrations to focus on optimal operation efficiency and returns.


PHNX has a software as a service solution for OSS/BSS for 3 Layer Open Model infrastructure management called AccessWave™ which enables proper tracking of connectivity projects from planning to operations. It focuses on leveraging existing vendors and tools and simplifies the operational model by importing and interacting with secure pre-configured automated system of PODs instead of basic connectivity components.


PHNX  provides Uber-like service to network operations by leveraging its next generation software and enabling common local individuals with everything they need to operate a real Virtual NOC experience where all of the assets can be visualized in VR/AR environments. There is no need for complex operation centers and hundreds of monitors as everything someone needs can be operated from the comfort of their home.


PHNX provides leverages strong security which ties into the asset tracking , management and access. Built from a Zero Trust model and leveraging the latest technologies from Microsoft Azure it provides access to the assets  to take a strict security approach to the operations and management solutions built from a security-first angle the opinionated solution has a dedicated purpose and limited attack surface.

Revolutionize the way you operate infrastructures

Changing the way people interact with complex infrastructures AccessWave™ makes it easy for local resources to interact and operate to have the desired intent and goals for the facilities.

Ties every aspects from planning to operations

PHNX Technologies believes that operations means every day to day activity and is not limited to operating the facilities after they are completely built and delivered. As such PHNX software, operations and services are there at every phase of an infrastructure project to provide the right level of operational support by integrating with the right third party tools to do so.


Planning activities involve multiple iterations and scenarios by integrating with your planning tools or documents the software suite tracks operational elements of that planning process.


From pole surveys to the multiple set of decisions that are made as part of the design process PHNX assists the operational process involved and track the business level agreements.


As assets are implemented and commissioned our software integrates with other tools to track the assets and their visibility as they are being stood up for services.


The operational aspect that are involved with offering a variety of services from traditional retail to emerging services PHNX will automate to simplify.