Professional Services

Software Development

PHNX will do software development services for strategic integration between products and AccessWave™ to integrate specific vendor solutions and software in the reference stack of the solution or to provide an alternative integration of a component of the system. While the preference is to leverage open interfaces and APIs there is the possibility to create adapter for specific proprietary APIs and models. The team can also translate standard Yang models or work with the proprietary extensions.

Asset Transformation

PHNX is also good at transforming assets for the emerging markets. Leveraging the years of experience in serving the Communications Service Provider market and now being at the lead of many Digital Service Provider (DSP) deployment makes us the best candidate for market expansion to smart building, smart town or smart city projects that require different operations, products than the traditional telecom market. This transformation requires more security, scalability and multi-tenancy to addressed the shared infrastructure nature and IoT requirements.


Cross-Platform Services

The platforms and tools are all based on micro-services and meant for multiple points of interactions based on the different types of devices that are used to interact with the system from Microsoft’s Hololens™ to the leading mobile platforms we understand that operations take on multiple forms and may not be capture in single software package. We do not customize software to support your operations and PHNX has been designed to address greenfield deployments only with a webscale uniform approach to its operations. 

Process Optimization & Operations

The PHNX team can also help you optimize some of the internal processes to match the best practices and the future mode of operations that is ground breaking from PHNX’s set of offerings. From what is expected from the operators, PHNX will provide a safety net set of operations to address the challenges and work with the community in providing a simple and streamlined experience to the local workforce.