About Us

About the PHNX Team

A company where culture matters

At PHNX we believe the employees are the most valuable resources and we make sure they are fulfilled and can continue to grow their career as part of the team and by creating ambassadors in other organizations. PHNX is controlled by Digital Impact Holdings a group of successful entrepreneurs who believe in the impact of digital infrastructures and are willing to accelerate the digital economy and the enabling effects on education, health and environment.

Embracing Digital

Everything at PHNX embraces a paperless digital process. The teams are mostly working from remote environments with digital whiteboard sessions making it easy to operate efficiently in the  early 2020 pandemic environment across multiple geography. 

TeamWork & Office Culture

The work ethic and office culture while remove is about having the right set of events and activities to make sure the communication is good and have the right level of perks for the employees while being financially reasonable. We believe that it’s having the right talent that matters and not just the quantity.

Embracing Cloud

The company is cloud based and leverages the cloud even in its software development methodologies and processes. The solution is built on Microsoft Azure and all employees are provided remote cloud desktop for their development needs bringing a new level of security and policies.

Our Skills & Expertise

Built from a team of SDN pioneers and movers and shakers the team has helped many operators change their mode of operation to embrace automation and SDN. PHNX was built to remove all of the boundaries that currently exists in the communications services provider space, along with the needs for multi-tenancy and open infrastructures and software. PHNX works with some of the largest vendor organizations and leverages existing products to provide an experience instead of squeezing the vendors in a commodity market of connectivity operations. 

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It is time to change the face of digital infrastructures and it starts with the rebirth of a PHNX.